Excel Logistics offers cross-docking services to our clients. Cross-docking is an efficient process by which freight is moved point of origin to end customer with little to no handling in between, virtually eliminating downtime associated with excessive shipping and handling procedures. This solution is great for time-sensitive materials and organizations concerned with optimizing customer satisfaction.

Excel Logistics’ clients who take advantage of our cross-docking services do so for several reasons, including:Cross Docking

  • Reduce shipping, handling and labor costs
  • Reduce costs associated with long warehouse stays
  • Improve turn-around time to end consumer
  • Reduce retail real estate costs associated with onsite storage

Examples of products or freight that may benefit from a cross-docking solution – food & other perishable items, retail products with a constant & predictable demand, pre-packaged orders that were packaged at point-of-origin, items with RFID or barcode identification and much more.

We provide non-stop, door-to-door logistics and transportation services to and from any point in the U.S.  At Excel Transportation Services our goal is efficiency, effectiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction all while maintaining the fitness of our partners’ bottom line.