Bloodborne Pathogen

Welcome to your Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, and Dry Ice Assessment

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What are Bloodborne Pathogens?
Bloodborne Pathogens may enter your system through:
The three primary workplace pathogens are:
HIV can be spread by casual contact
Which of the following is a way HIV can be transmitted?
What statement is FALSE regarding HBV?
The term universal precautions refers to:
Time frame one should be vaccinated for HBV:
What should you do immediately after a spill?
Labels are required for unregulated waste
The biohazard is placed on what kind of waste?
What does HIPAA stands for?
For our purposes the most important aspect of HIPAA is the protection of Protected Health Information (PHI)
HIPAA requires
Protected Health Information can be in any medium including: electronic records, written records, or spoken
Protected Health Information only refers to data that is explicitly linked to a particular individual
The following are defined by HIPAA as patient identiers and therefore protected as
The Minimum Necessary Principle means that
The following are considered business associates under HIPAA
All of the following are permitted use and disclosure of Protected Health Information, except
Protected Health Information may be disposed of in a wastebasket as long as it isn't near the pick up or the delivery
A breach of security in Protected Health Information is an unauthorized acquisition, use, access or disclosure of PHI that compromises the security of the information.
In case of a breach of PHI security you may contact any of the following, EXCEPT
Violations of HIPAA that are due to willful neglect may be subject to the following penalties
Dry ice storage should meet which requirement(s)?
Dry ice can be used as a substitute for ice cubes in beverages
Dry ice vaporizes to the gas state (sublimates) at what temperature?
Which of following is NOT true when handling dry ice?
Always store dry ice in a well ventilated area to avoid elevated levels of CO2
When transporting dry ice, make sure there is a constant supply of fresh air.
If safety measures aren’t followed, what are the hazards?
What should you do if someone starts to feel the symptoms from inhaling sublimated vapor?
What should you NOT do if you come in skin/eye contact with dry ice?
It is okay to dispose of dry ice in the sink.