Online Access – Smart Login Download

There are two options you can use to login anytime to track your orders with Excel Courier.

OPTION 1: Login Through our Web Site – Excel Online


OPTION 2: Download and Install Smart Login Directly to Your Computer Desktop


Smart Login

Smart Login Download Instructions

  • The Smart Login file you download is a “zipped” or compressed file.
  • You must open (or “un-zip”) this file.
  • Once you have unzipped the file, double-click on the Excel Courier Setup.exe file.
  • This file will install a shortcut [Excel Group] icon directly on your computer desktop.
  • Enter your account username and password the first time you access Excel Online using this method.
  • The next time need Excel Online, just double-click the icon on your desktop and you will automatically be logged to the system!

Contact us at 703.478.0140 if you have any questions or difficulties!